Thank you so much for your bravery and looking at our profile. We know our hope to adopt is a double-edged sword. It would bring us such joy while it might bring you a great deal of pain and loss. Our desire is to have an open adoption, one where you would be like extended family to us. We also know that you may want your distance and we will respect that too. We would like you to take a few minutes to get to know us.

Why Adoption?

We bought our house three years ago. We would love some harmony ringing within these four walls. Being two gay dads, we chose adoption to continue to build the love in our home. Before meeting Daniel, Aderrick has always felt passionately about

After building a life with Daniel and much conversation early in 2020, we both felt strongly about opening our hearts to a child. With your blessing, our dream of having a child sing, dance, act silly, learn to cook and garden, and love life with us could come true.


The first part of my child hood I lived in Memphis, in a predominantly black neighborhood, then we moved to Chicago which was very diverse. I feel that diversity and staying connected to your roots is very important for our future son or daughter.

Rest assured that your child will have a lot of fun experiences like I had, spending the summers enjoying grandparents, cousins and finding the neighborhood cookie lady and candy lady. There is nothing like a freeze cup and chick-o- sticks. Ooh wee.

We want to encourage the child to tap into their fun and creative side. There is so much joy and discovery there. I used to sit down and write songs and draw. I would help my sister play with her dolls, which she loved. So I’m even prepared to play with dolls when the time comes. I built cities in the dirt using rocks and sticks. I made cages for my dinosaurs and roads for matchbox cars. I see a lot of dirt-filled summers out in the yard with this little one. I love to sing, so I can’t wait to have the little one belt out songs around the house with me. Then we will get our fitness on working out and relaxing with some yoga. If you have a boy or girl, know that we will have fun spending time together, due to your graciousness.


Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago allowed me to see multiple perspectives and enjoy many different experiences. I loved being able to both see world-class museums in the city and go for day hikes and camping in the forest preserves. I am so excited to be able to share my love of nature and science by taking our son or daughter to the Field Museum, or to the Shedd Aquarium, and to hike through the miles of wilderness around us. I want our son or daughter to know what nature can teach him/her by learning the value of being quiet in nature’s presence, of being appreciative of nature’s gifts. I cannot wait to teach him/her to identify and be in awe of insects, frogs, turtles, birds, plants, etc. I still go out in nature today either to hike or more often to mountain bike. The smell of the air in a forest is something all kids should experience often and this child will frequently enjoy the outdoors.


We have been together for six years, married for three. You can feel an ease about us as a couple that makes you want to come on in and sit on down, kick your shoes off, eat, and share.

Many nights at dinner, we talk about growing up, what life is like now and what the future holds, if we are able to adopt. We talked about sharing so many of the fun things we did and learned with our future child. We have mapped out play sets in the backyard, possible bedroom furniture, down to the spot on the couch where we watch tv at night with our dog, Ailey. We would love to have that honor.

It’s our hope that you consider us as there will be many large family moments. We co- parent the 5 kids from Daniel’s previous marriage with his ex-wife. The kids are super excited. So when the kids visit there will be even more laughter, jokes, old stories, goofy moments and family games. The popcorn will be all over I’m sure, when we cuddle on the couch for movie time. The child we adopt will be swimming in so much love and affection.

Home and Neighborhood

The house …
We live in a comfortable refurbished four bedroom house with our seven year-old puppy, Ailey. She is a lover, once you toss her a treat. She will sit in your lap for cuddles or roll over to have her belly rubbed. She is very protective of her family members so she is sure to make an excellent big sister. We bought this house hoping a mother would allow us the honor of adoption. We have two possible rooms for the nursery. Each has two large windows with lots of sunlight and, we can’t wait to fill it with all kinds of cute things for a child.

The yard …
Our front yard is a generous size filled with flowers and a very large tree. It’s well-kept but hardly the main attraction. The backyard is fenced-in and begging for a giggling kid to play in. There’s a large deck, a large garden, mature trees, lush lawn, flowers, bugs, birds everything a kid could dream of in a backyard adventure. This is where we hang by the fire in the evening and enjoy entertaining friends.

The kitchen…
We have a bustling kitchen that does not close down! We treasure all things home- made and love making our house a home so the kitchen is central to that. Daniel makes bread weekly, preserves produce from our garden, and almost all of our meals are cooked together from scratch. Cooking is a together thing for the two of us and it will be for the child we hope to adopt as well. Aderrick prides himself on searching for recipes to extend our culinary palates. These activities are important to us because they speak to something creative, real, and organic. Eating dinner every night is a constant reminder to savor the moments together and solidifies the roots we have established as a family. Our child will learn how to grow, cook and enjoy his/her own food just like we do.


As new parents, we will take time off work to bond with our child. We both plan to take paternity leave. Once we get everything established, we both have flexible schedules so someone will always be home with the baby. Aderrick’s flexible schedule will leave lots of day time care. Daniel has summers off, so much outside summer play. Being home together in the evenings for dinner will be our special family time.

We will have open communication with our child including rewards, positive reinforcement, consequences and recognizing when they have had too much. Daily we will continue to build closeness in our relationship, fun activities and creating lasting memories.


As he or she gets older we will encourage academics and reading. We have one of the top elite schools in Chicago already lined up. Education is so important, especially for black kids. We will also teach our children about financial basics, credit scores, and how to plan for life’s journey.

We are ready to give a child a safe and comfortable home. Exposure to your and their roots will be endless. They will know who they are and that their mother sacrificed a lot so that we could be his/her dads. Establishing educational and social opportunities throughout our community is one of our top priorities as well.

Aderrick | Body By Bobo

After spending 15 years in the mortgage industry, I started on my own business. I want to teach the child to take a few chances in life and things could lead you to your calling. I’m heading into my 11th year of my personal training business, Body By Bobo. Running my own business gives me a lot of time and flexibility to spend some quality time with the child. We are going to have a lot of daytime fun. I have time during the day to play, watch cartoons, make snacks, visit parks and zoos! I love me some naps. Ooh naps in the hammock, can’t wait.

Daniel | teacher

I have been teaching for 25 years. The last 17 years I’ve spent teaching high school biology at the same school in Chicago. Upon meeting me, everyone figures out quickly my passion for insects; I have a large tattoo of one on my arm. I love seeing people learn new things and watch how those new things change their minds and lives. My teaching style reflects my parenting style. I believe a strong foundation that allows a child to safely make mistakes and learn from them is best. A firm but gentle guiding hand has worked with my own children, which I have from a previous marriage, to help them figure out who they are, what they are interested in, and what they’d like to do with their lives. The two oldest became US Marines on their own because they wanted to, not because they had to, and I supported them 100% in their decision. This is the way my husband and I have discussed raising our child in the future.


We want this journey, ours and yours, to always be a part of the narrative. We believe in the importance of telling our child his/ her adoption story as a way of honoring their history and your crucial place in it. We will be parents because of your consideration only. For this reason, you will not be forgotten.

Adoption is complex and full of emotions. We recognize that this decision to place the child for adoption is not made lightly. We admire your strength, courage and selflessness. As our child’s birth mother we want to have an open relationship while respecting your needs. As adoptive parents we will always lay an invitation for you on the table. This invitation can look different in different relationships; only you know what works for you and we will respect that. We hope you consider us to provide a warm, safe, fun and loving home for your child.

Our hearts, our family and our home are ready to welcome a new addition with open arms. There will not be a day that goes by when we won’t recognize the gift you allowed to magnify our lives. Thank you.