Extended Family

Growing up, our child will get to know you, both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Our family is looking forward to spending time with the little one. Our son or daughter will have many people loving on them. Our families live close so there will be many little road trips to Grams’.

Since sharing our adoption journey with our friends, they are excited and eager to meet the new addition to our family. The friends with kids are extra excited to have our baby play and grow up with theirs.


We both work hard and need a little get away, like everyone else. Our last big vacation was our honeymoon to Amsterdam and Paris. It is important for a child to see things beyond their back yard. With that being said, we cannot wait to take our first family trip. It will be an amazing adventure just to point out sites and share experiences with the kid.

We hope to instill the love of travel, learning about other places, and just getting away from the norm, in our child like:

  • local neighborhood festivals here in the city
  • picnics at Ravinia
  • concerts and amusement parks
    Oh my God, we are gonna have a gang of fun.


Starting 12 years ago with Aderrick, each year we do a charity event for rare cancers called Cycle For Survival. There are so many families and friends having fun at this event. There is music, cheering, dancing, food and it’s all for a beautiful cause. We look forward to it every year. We have room for one more to join our team. Our baby will have a blast and eventually ride a bike to help us meet our goals. It’s all about the goals! It is a fun filled day that leaves so many memories that we will talk about for years.

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